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Monday, February 4

This weeks efforts

So i am not so good with blogging.

This week has been a little more hectic than i would have liked.

MrM has had his hand operated on for carpel tunnel. Not major but leaves him here at home only able to help with smaller things.

Liam started Kinder and is loving it. The group of kids seems really lovely and as I am Treasurer this year i am getting to know the parents and they all seem really nice.

Kaelin is upto his usual tricks. Being a menace and keeping me on my toes.

and Miss M well 1yo's are very adventurous. She's into everything including anything her brothers are playing with at the time.

me - well i am just having one of those keep up wth what i can weeks. I finished my Thuja socks and they are super comfy. I am hoping to have a wool dyeing day soon so that i can get the couple of things done that i want to ( infact if its nice today i want to do a little)

what else ...... hmm not a lot. i think this week or so as i get into the swing of things is going to be much easier to fit in time for all the things i need to do.

ok well i will adda pic of the socks in a bit but the kids are all up now and wanting nappies changed and brekkie made :)