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Saturday, August 23

ok so i am the worlds worst blogger haha

Well i could make a million and one excses but i am not going to .

heres whats been happening in our little side of the world

Liam - lovign kinder and is really ready for prep. he's made a few friends and we have had some great playdates with them.

Kaelin - as cheeky as ever :) he's really my monkey of a child. into everything and has really gotten the hang of blaming liam for everything hehe.

Meghan - Has joined the boys at daycare of a thursday and is LOVING it. she gets so excited when we get there and hasnt shed a tear when i leave yet. I think its great she's settled in so well with them and tho she only goes one day its a nice break for all of us.

me - busy crafting away as always . i havent been on the computer as much and am trying my hardest to get this house in order. i think its time to give flylady another go and try get some sort of routine in this house. i have been working more on stikcing to budget and spending less on impulse buys. atm things are tight but thats only untill we get into routine and set things up to pay bills off in little bits instead of huge chunks.

anyway my time is up for now and the kids want a snack so i will be back with piccies of my lastest crafting accomplishments soon :)

have a good one :)